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Khutult Nomgon NBFI

Khutul Nomgon NBFI was established with public investment in 2010 and has been successfully operating with sustainable achievement according to requirements of Mongolian Financial Regulation Commission. Moreover, the institution was categorized to the level MEDIUM of the category GOLD of the sector according to the survey conducted on Mongolian financial service providers.

We are extending and upgrading our service to be close to the customers and meet their financial needs and problems and solve fast and right. We provide not only business loan, common load and fast loan but also opportunities for mining companies to get loan for buying heavy equipment and loan service based on their mining license. By extending our service and products according to customers’ needs, we were able to become a trusted financial partner with Mongolian mining companies. Thus, we are glad to become a financial cooperator with you under the mining sector supporting campaign since 2017. MORE...

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